Diamond Vneeer Dancing Diamond

Do You Dream of Owning Distinctive Diamond
Now you Can!

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- Round Brilliant Cut Center Stone
- Perfect For Travel
- Same Brillaint Cut & Fire as real Diamonds
- Hand Set in .925 Silver Sterling
- Stays in Magnificent Continuous Motion
- Flawless "G" Diamond Color
- Complimented by Round Accent Stones

Get the Fire & Brilliance of Priceless Diamonds 
at the Fraction of the Cost!

Every piece of jewelry tells a story, of ever lasting romance, breath taking beauty and timeless elegance. For most owning such distinguished jewelry has always been a dream.until now. For the first time ever the Diamond Veneer Collection proudly presents the dancing jewel pendant. Now you can experience the fire and brilliance of priceless diamonds

The secrete of the dancing jewels dazzling sparkle has a magnificent design, which keeps the center stone in continuous motion, magnified to reflect the brilliance and save thousands of dollars.

Dancing Diamond Veneer Pendant

Cubic Zirconia is treated with a veneer of carbon diamond particles, crystalling around the entire stone. This results in a flawless "G" color on the diamond scale. The vaporization process increases the fire infraction and intensity of the stone. The result? The same look, feel and magnificent sparkle of a real diamond at only a fraction of the price.

"Is it Real, or is it Fake"? Diamond Veneer jewelry solves this important
issue for well dressed women that can afford the Real Deal, but wear the Fake for Travel. Why?, because Diamond Veneer is not very CZ White, but rather has the "G" color; in the Diamond Color scale. This advantage fools even the Jewelry experts we meet at JCK jewelry Trade Shows we attend.

The main advantage of this Concept is the fact that DIAMOND VENEER blurred the main differences between real Diamonds and the CZ, to a point of absolute no recognition. The fact that the CZ is no longer white, now even professional jewelers lost their expert eye advantage recognizing DIAMOND VENEER as fakes!

Dancing Diamond Pendant & Fire Earrings



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